Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Often Overlooked but Critical Moment

The Reality of the Resurrection
It’s Meaning for the True Believer

1. It means that God is not dead, or that He’s some impersonal force, or simply an idol or inanimate object that I bow to.

Instead, the Christian God is alive, personal, real, knowable, and we are able to relate to Him through repentance and faith.

2. It means that God is true to His promises.

The Bottom Line: I can trust God.

3. It reminds me that I should never fear death.

Someday in the future, I will rise from the dead.

4. God’s power that He used to raise Jesus from the dead is the same power that He is using to change me, giving me new spiritual life in through faith in Him.

5. Since God accepted Christ’s perfect life and perfect sacrifice and put His stamp of approval on it by raising Him from the dead, so I can trust that God has made me acceptable in His sight through faith in Him.

6. The reality of Easter Sunday means my life should be filled with joy, with thanksgiving, with worship and praise. It means that I can live victoriously even now over sin.

7. It means that God’s plan of redemption for this world is being brought to intended Goal, and for those who believe this will become a reality that they too will participate in.


Christina Patterson said...

So many stop short at the cross, but without the resurrection how can we hope to be more than conquerors? Christ conquered the grave! What a powerful God we serve.

Croconilly said...

I find that I sometimes neglect to emphasize the resurrection myself. And yet Paul said, “…if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain.” This is an import reminder.